Accounting Department

Accounting Department provides:

– Accurate and timely recording of business transactions, movement of funds, formation of income and expenses and fulfillment of obligations in the accounting records;

– Timely transfer of taxes and levies to the republican, regional and local budgets, insurance contributions to extra-budgetary social funds, payments to credit institutions, financing facilities, funds to cover debt on loans’ delivery;

– Supervise the use of the payroll by the organization and the accuracy of payroll calculations, inventory, accounting and reporting procedures, and legal audits;

– Participate in financial analysis and tax policy formulation based on the information in the organization’s internal audit, accounting and reporting;

– Development of proposals aimed at improving the financial performance of the Institute, the elimination of financial losses and non-production costs;

– Ensuring compliance with financial and treasury regulations, ensuring the legality of the write-off of shortfalls, receivables and other losses from the accounting records.

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