Islom Karimov nomidagi Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti

The winner of TechnoWays

The republican stage of the TechnoWays Technological Development Marathon, organized by the National Office for Innovation and Technology Transfer under the Ministry of Innovative Development, took place on November 15-24. About 300 participants took part in it with their innovative ideas. In the end, the projects of the participants were selected by experts and 8 winners were selected.
1. Transformer fire protection device
2. Remote controlled mini-tank device
3. VR Archer simulation software
4. Space AI project
5. MedSkin
6. Immuno Tea Project
7. Water solution project
8. Healthy progeny project
Each of the winners was awarded a cash prize of 15 million soums. A preliminary agreement worth 850 million soums was reached with Investors for the production of fire protection equipment for transformers.
Another 2 most ambitious, creative participants were given tickets to EXPO 2020 in Dubai by sponsors.

Islom Karimov nomidagi Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti   Islom Karimov nomidagi Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti

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