Department of international cooperation

The organization of international cooperation was comprehensive. Development of foreign higher education and scientific programs, development of educational and scientific programs, internationalization of students and faculty, treatment of students, organization of additional educational and scientific programs and projects, professional development of professors and internships, to involve senior specialists of advanced production facilities in the educational and scientific processes of TDTU QF, to organize the modernization of the material-technical and educational-scientific laboratory base of TDTU QF, to organize the existing training and directions such as helping to improve the scientific process-technique are under the management of the international cooperation department.

Head of the Department of International Cooperation:

Ortikov Uktamjon Xudoyberdi o’g’li

Phone: +998 90 507 87 77




Islom Karimov nomidagi Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti

Designer of International Cooperation Department:

Abdunabiyev Jasurbek

Phone: +998 94 892 14 55



Tasks of the department: The priority tasks of the department for the near future include:

-Expansion and strengthening of international cooperation relations of TDTU Kokand branch;

– Development of educational programs based on international requirements and development of mutually beneficial cooperation with advanced (recognized rating organizations – THE, QS – among the first 1000) higher education institutions in developed countries;

– Development of scientific research programs based on international requirements and development of mutually beneficial cooperation with international scientific schools;

– Development of competence, improvement of programs, and expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation with international advanced higher education and scientific institutions, international foundations, and donors;

– To create necessary and encouraging conditions for the active participation of professors, doctoral students, and students in international cooperation activities, to establish an objective and transparent monitoring system of the process and results of international activities;

– Selection and purposeful preparation of talented students of TDTU Kokand branch for the Olympiads of students of higher educational institutions held at the international level;

– The wide attraction of foreign students, increases the academic attractiveness of the TDTU Kokand branch in the international arena;

– Involvement of professors and teachers of advanced foreign higher education institutions in the educational process of undergraduate education and master’s specialties of TDTU Kokand branch;

– Assisting in the preparation of necessary documents when sending the employees of the TDTU Kokand branch on foreign business trips and keeping in touch with them during the trip.

The purpose of the department: is to find ways to solve problems by analyzing and comparing existing theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, to strengthen knowledge, and to repeat, evaluate, and form independent, critical thinking, and non-standard thinking. Using the latest achievements of the educational process by international standards is one of the urgent problems. In this regard, the Department of International Cooperation of the TDTU Kokand branch established and improved cooperative relations between the TDTU Kokand branch and other educational institutions of the world in friendly, cultural, educational, and scientific directions. goes Also, the “El-Yurt Umidi” Foundation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the European Union, Russia, the USA, and other countries in terms of professional development of professors and teachers abroad, internships, short-term training courses, and student exchange programs. provides recommendations for participation in grant and scholarship programs announced by many countries. Also, transition to the “University 3.0” program within the framework of international cooperation

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