Sector of scientific research, innovation and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel

Islom Karimov nomidagi Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti

Botayev Tokhtasin – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

Head of the sector of scientific research, innovation and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel

Phone: (+998) 994030457



Further improvement of the ongoing work on the integration of TDTU QF with production enterprises and the development of cooperation between research institutes of the Federal Republic of Uzbekistan.

To coordinate the scientific-research works conducted in the departments in the afternoon by TDTU QF professors and teachers and to ensure the active participation of talented young people in the ongoing scientific-research works.
Effective use of the quotas of base higher education institutions and scientific-research institutes of the Federal Republic of Uzbekistan for the training of targeted scientific and pedagogical personnel.
To raise the prestige of TDTU QF’s scientific schools and highly educated professors-teachers and to find effective methods of using them in the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel.
In order to ensure the continuity of the competence of scientific-pedagogical personnel, to identify talented students among students, to work with them in the department of specialization and to ensure their continuous activity.
To prepare talented students for the purpose of conducting scientific and research work in the contests of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and State Famous Scholarships.
Organization of activities as a platform connecting young people with higher educational institutions, production enterprises and business entities in the field of innovation, conditions, advice and advice to users and residents on the creation and implementation of innovative ideas and projects. to give mak.
Involving TDTU QF scientists in research based on foreign and state grants, economic contracts, ensuring the application of the scientific developments created by the departments to the national economy, active participation in innovative cooperation works and fairs.
Working in cooperation with faculty deans, heads of departments, leading professors and teachers and young scientists throughout the year for the participation of professors and teachers in competitions of fundamental and scientific and practical research, innovative projects.
Organization of sending young scientists on internships and business trips to leading foreign higher educational institutions, scientific centers and production enterprises in their scientific fields.
To ensure the permanent participation of talented young people in scientific-practical conferences, seminars, symposia and science Olympiads held at the international and national level.
Conducting regular sociological research among talented young people.
To encourage talented young people who have high mastery and who are actively participating in scientific and research work.

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